2020 was a terrible year for restaurants. Actually, 2020 was a terrible year for nearly everyone and everything. Even restaurants that survived that year still found themselves hobbled by the aftershocks of inflation, a lack of available employees, and supply shortages. Many Lubbock eateries closed or barely held on in the last couple of years.

So I am very happy to report that a previously "dead" Lubbock restaurant is coming back, this time in a new location. Champs Sports Bar, previously located at 4525 Milwaukee Avenue (now El Mitote) is reopening at what appears to be 5028 50th St.- the location of East Moon, which appears to be permanently closed, although I was unable to find verification of that online.

Photo by YUEBIRDS on Unsplash
Photo by YUEBIRDS on Unsplash

Here is the Facebook post that leads me to believe they are opening there, as the building is extremely recognizable:

Champs Sports Bar has a website in progress that gives us some tantalizing clues. It appears that Champs has just recently a Midland location as well. The menu (if it will mirror Midland) will have typical sports bar fare like nachos, wings, and burgers. I am also seeing some enticing signature items like a Patty "Mahomes" Melt and a Honey Butter Fried Chicken Sandwich. Yum.

I am very happy to see central Lubbock getting some love- it's a vibrant and fun part of town that has lately been overlooked in favor of South Lubbock when it comes to getting anything new. Combined with established party places like Jake's Backroom and 50th Street Caboose, this area will certainly be a nightlife destination here in Lubbock.

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