Can you imagine living in a town so small that there are literally only 6 residents? Guerra, located in southwestern Jim Hogg County, is the smallest town in Texas. It's so tiny, in fact, that the city sits on 0.21 square miles.

You might drive right through without even realizing you're in a town. I scoped it out on Google Street View, and could only find 2 visible homes. According to Wikipedia, the 2010 census counted 6 residents, down 2 from the 2000 census in which 8 residents were recorded.

Here are a couple of photos I snagged so that you could take a tour of the smallest town in Texas. It will be quick. I promise! Check them out below:

A Quick Tour of The Smallest Texas Town

Would you live here?

If you've complained to your family about living in a small town and having nothing to do, you might want to take it back. You could live in Guerra. Count your blessings. Shallowater isn't THAT bad.

Have you ever been to Guerra, Texas? I'd love to hear about it. Tell me in a comment below this article on our Facebook page here.

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