Here in Texas, we all know that Blue Bell tastes like "the good ole days" but their newest release might keep you up tonight- perfect for the weekend!

Blue Bell's latest offering is Java Jolt. For coffee lovers like myself, it sounds like a delicious, and rather energetic choice. But what makes it different from other previous Blue Bell flavors, specifically their very popular "Coffee"?

Our delicious Coffee Ice Cream with dark chocolate flavored chunks and a coffee fudge swirl.

So this actually IS "Coffee" but with dark chocolate AND a coffee chocolate swirl? Yes, please! Blue Bell thinks that if you love their Coffee flavor, you'll be a big fan of Java Jolt:

The coffee fudge swirl adds an extra jolt of flavor. And the dark chocolate chunks are a delicious complement to the ice cream. We think coffee lovers will be very pleased with this combination! with my edits with my edits

I'm excited to try this new flavor- just not right before bedtime. This latest new summer flavor is available le in pint size for a limited time. Also recently released was Blue Bell's "Dr. Pepper Float" which has seen sell-outs in grocery stores. Combining two of Texas' most loved brands- Blue Bell and Dr. Pepper- was obviously a recipe for success.

Don't want coffee or Dr. Pepper in your ice cream? That's perfectly okay- that just means more for me. Blue Bell has over 40 flavors so you are sure to find the perfect flavor to suit your palette.

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