Well, color me stunned on this one.

Image by Christian from Pixabay and Image by Kjrstie from Pixabay
Image by Christian from Pixabay and Image by Kjrstie from Pixabay

Big In Texas

My initial search was just for the "Biggest Hemp Farm" in Texas and things took a turn when I found out the "Largest Indoor Hemp Farm" in Texas, was actually right in my backyard.  This family farm took the grow inside after deciding that the weather was too harsh outside for the quality of hemp they wanted to grow.

It's A Family Business

The Gauger family operates Caprock Family Farms in Lubbock, Texas. They boldly claim to be "The Largest Indoor Hemp Growers In The Lone Star State".  Interestingly enough, despite their product and somewhat controversial choice of crops, there's a real family meets farmers market kind of vibe present throughout their website.

So What Are Their Products?

The hemp grown at Caprock is used to make CBD Oil, Topicals, Vapes, and even Pre Rolls and "Premium Flower".  So is this what we would call "weed"? The answer to that is now, but I'll leave the explanation to them:

Our products contain hemp-derived cannabinoids such as CBD, THCA and D8-THC, D9-THC and natural flavor and wellness ingredients.

They go onto say that their products only have trace amounts of THC, the chemical in marijuana which gets you "high".

Go Go Gauger

These family farmers are a model for why all hemp and marijuana farming should be allowed in Texas. By all accounts they have a wholesome approach to building and maintaining a family farm while delivering in-demand products. Chock up another big win for West Texas farmers, and let's salute "Caprock Family Farms" for being "Big In Texas".

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