As of this week, the first and only Safe Haven Baby Box in the state of Texas is now installed at Abilene's Fire Station #7 (431 N Pioneer Drive).

While it seems there is much that divides us these days, providing a safe haven for newborn infants is something most of humanity can agree on. While the hope is that all children would find safety with their biological parents, it's clear this is not always possible.

This is where the Safe Haven Baby Box comes in. The SHBB provides an anonymous option for parents in crisis to relinquish their infant to other caregivers.

Jana Keyes
Jana Keyes

A climate-controlled, electronically-monitored incubator built into a wall, SHBB devices are typically installed at hospitals and fire stations. Multiple alarms alert staff when a child has been placed in the box. From there, staff will attend to the infant's immediate needs, then place them with Child Protective Services.

Firefighter/medic Monica Kelsey developed the baby box idea in 2015, after discovering she herself had been abandoned as a newborn.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes mission is to prevent illegal abandonment of newborns by raising awareness, offering a 24-hour hotline for mothers in crisis, and offering the SHBB as a last-resort option for women who want to maintain complete anonymity. -

Jana Keyes
Jana Keyes

The SHBB is designed as a last-resort option for parents. Those who are struggling and in need of assistance are encouraged to call or text 1-866-99BABY1 and speak to someone in-person.

However, if this option is not possible, the Safe Haven Baby Box provides exactly what an infant needs...a safe haven.

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