Everybody in Texas knows that it's illegal to grow marijuana plants in the Lone Star State. But, did you know there are 10 other plants we cannot grow deep in the heart of Texas?

According to the Texas Department of Agriculture, any plant species that has a serious potential to cause economic or ecological harm to agriculture, horticulture, native plants, ecology, and waterways in the state is considered noxious or invasive.

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Now, will the cops tear your door down because you have these plants? I would say it's highly unlikely, but it is good to know that some of these plants are not good for our native plants to thrive.

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Why are these plants bad for Texas?

The reason these plants are listed in the database as noxious or invasive is that they grow so vigorously that it chokes out some of our native plants. These plants are important for the ecosystem of a particular area. Plants and animals in that area are interconnected and benefit greatly from each other.

To be labeled an invasive plant, it must be foreign to the ecosystem. Some of the threats from invasive plants are not necessarily because they are just bad plants, it's because they love our climate and they can spread easily.

So, before you start planting and landscaping this season, take a look at this gallery of the plants that are forbidden in the state of Texas.

10 Illegal Plants You Better Not Get Caught Growing in Texas

There are several different plants you're not allowed to grow in Texas; some of considered noxious & others are invasive. Here are 10 of them you CAN'T grow in Texas.

Gallery Credit: Daniel Paulus

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