We've all heard the phrase and ad campaign, "Don't Mess With Texas". And it's a great campaign that I wish more people would take to heart. I hate seeing all the trash on our roadways and when you get out to some of the more rural areas, there are some people who just treat those roads like they are dumping stations.

It's important to remember that littering really just means trash you haven't thrown away yet. That includes wrappers, food, bottles, etc. If it's meant to be thrown away, it shouldn't be tossed from your window. And when it comes to cigarette butts, you should absolutely, never, for any reason at all toss those from your window. According to DontMessWithTexas.org, this is what they have to say about "what is" litter.

Litter is trash that is not disposed of properly in a trash can. When it’s in the can, it becomes garbage. Anywhere else, it’s litter. Just to be clear, the following is definitely and undeniably LITTER:

  • Cigarette butts – they’re small but they’re a nuisance
  • Gum and gum wrappers – anything less than two square inches is considered microliter, a growing problem on Texas roadways
  • Apple cores – even though they’ll decompose
  • Trash that flies out of a car window or truck bed — accidentally or otherwise

Littering can come with some big fines too. According to the site, you can be fined up to $500 for trash less than or equal to five pounds or five gallons. Repeat offenders could face jail time and a fine up to $2,000. If your litter weighs over five pounds it's then considered illegal dumping, which can cost you a lot.

This One Item Is Allowed To Be Tossed From Your Window in Texas

While you can't throw trash out of your car, there is one item you are allowed to roll the window down and dump.

Liquid from a drink.

A soft drink, coffee, tea, water, ice (yes even in non liquid form) is the only thing you can pour or dump out. And it's the liquid only. Don't toss the cup or bottle. And it's for liquids you would drink only. Don't think you can dump motor oil out of your window.

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