Living in Texas, we've pretty much all heard of the haunted railroad tracks near San Antonio. But are they really haunted?

The basic urban legend goes that a bus full of young school children was killed by a train when the bus broke down on those tracks. Now, if you park your car on the tracks, supposedly the ghosts of those children will push your car off the tracks to safety.

This video shows some people testing that theory by putting baby powder all over their cars so that any little hand prints will show up. And, according to this video, they do. But is it real? Watch the video below to judge for yourself.

Personally, I don't believe in ghosts. And I can debunk this video with three observations:

  1. Neither of the vehicles stays in view the whole time, so who knows what could have happened off-camera?
  2. Baby powder can also highlight already existing hand and fingerprints from someone touching the vehicle earlier. Similar to dusting for prints, just with baby powder.
  3. There is a downhill slope on the other side of the tracks, and gravity is a real thing.

But you can judge for yourself, or better yet take a road trip to San Antonio and try it out yourself. But hurry, there's a report that the company that owns the tracks is about to shut all traffic down to the site.

The tracks are at the intersection of Shane and Villamain Roads. Here's a link to the Google Maps' location.


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