Who came up with the idea of red buildings with red bricks by red dirt?

Spoiler alert: Lubbock is NOT the ugliest city in Texas, and not by far. Just offhand, Lubbock is to Shallowater what Miss Texas is to Harambe the Gorilla. Shallowater looks like someone stepped in something in Lubbock then wiped it off on some land.

The truth is, you have to travel much further to find the place that seems to be the consensus pick for the ugliest city in Texas. Before the big reveal, let me say that the town is full of wonderful people, amazing food, and apparently a bunch of colorblind architects.

Yes, the real ugliest city in Texas is...El Paso. This distinction was given to the town by a travel site which I never heard of before, but is apparently stirring up some dust. That site is called Alot, or travel.alot.com. They've also picked up the honor on several other websites even though Houston and Dallas were mentioned on other sites.

It's not all good news for our area, though. When it comes to the ugliest city in New Mexico, that distinction goes to...Albuquerque. I'm guessing that these folks have never been to Tucumcari.

Let's look at this for what it is, gang -- it's a travel site trying to anger the locals in larger towns (but not too large) and stir up interest in their website. Heck, I did it to you with the headline I used on this post. Sorry.

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