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I have to admit I'm not very happy with the road maintenance situation here in Lubbock.

I live on 82nd Street and I've seen a number of cracks and potholes lately that have not been repaired. I have a feeling that the city wanted the recent Road Bond to pass in the previous election, so they let it all slide. But now that the road bond failed, they need to get to work.

I'm sure the city would love to have the extra money to do more, but this is more about when they do road maintenance more than how they do it.

I was driving my son to school the other day and needed to use the Quaker Ave. exit off the South Loop. For some reason, it was closed, so I went to Indiana Ave. and trucked my way back. This made us almost late. I drove by the next evening, and the barrels are still there. However, the exit was open.

For some reason, most road maintenance is done when people use the roads most, instead of when they use them the least. This also happens a lot when they close lanes to fix guard rails on the Loop.

I'm sure it would cost a little more to pay overnight workers, but in Nashville we see road crews working at night so that a road can be open during the day. In fact, my wife thought it was strange that road crews worked in the day when she first moved here. The traffic in Lubbock isn't really that bad even with construction, but I think it only makes sense for the easy travel and the safety of the workers for overnight road work to become the rule, not the exception, in Lubbock.

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