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We all know that Texas is a big state and with Texas being so big that means we often have to drive long distances to get where we are going. And sometimes during those long stretches you may want to pull over and take a nap or just go ahead and sleep for a few hours.

But is that legal to do in Texas?

The short answer is, yes. Yes, it's completely legal to sleep or take a nap in your own vehicle. However, there are some things you should know.

First, if you are going to sleep in your car, don't have any alcohol with you. You can also get in trouble if police notice you have been drinking or you are intoxicated. That means a DWI or DUI so, if you've been drinking and think you can just pull over and "sleep it off", think again.

You also need to know that some businesses don't want you to sleep in their parking lots. The best places to pull over and sleep are travel centers, rest areas, and some big box store parking lots. But if the manager or owner of the business and parking lot asks that you move, you better move along. There are reports that you are only allowed to stay at a rest stop for 24 hours, but I imagine most drivers want to move on well before the 24 hour limit.

These rules also go for those who have travel vans. In fact, two years ago Texas ranked as the number one state for those who like to live the Van Life.

It's also important to be safe if you are going to sleep in your car. Turn off the ignition and some say its best to sleep in the back seat. Maybe that way it doesn't look like you passed out.

Drowsy driving can be deadly. So if you feel like you need to pull over and get some sleep. Do it.

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