Wednesday, March 3rd on KFYO's The Chad Hasty Show, Representative Ronny Jackson responded to recent allegations being made against him, calling them "complete garbage."

In a report by the Department of Defense inspector general, it was reported that Jackson "disparaged his subordinates" and engaged in problematic drinking while working as White House physician.

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The New York Times reports that Jackson was alleged to have improperly distributed prescription drugs, created a hostile work environment and had problems with drinking. Multiple witnesses went on record saying Jackson had created a "negative work environment."

Witnesses said that Jackson had told a male subordinate at some point in 2014 that he thought a female medical professional they were working with, using "colorful language," had a nice figure and that he would "like to see more of her tattoos."

It was also alleged that Jackson took Ambien, a sleep-aid medication, to help him sleep on long overseas trips. His subordinates said they were worried it could've left him "incapacitated and unable to perform his duties."

While on The Chad Hasty Show on the Texas Townsquare Media Network, Rep. Jackson said the allegations have already been brought up before and are being recycled as Democrats have targeted him for being an outspoken congressman.

"I'm not gonna play their games," Rep. Jackson said. "I have never made any inappropriate or disparaging remarks about one employee or one subordinate or one coworker that I had to a coworker, certainly not anything in a sexual nature."

You can listen to Chad's full interview with Ronny Jackson in the media player at the top of this post.


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