One thing that really, really irks me is when some self-professed patriot uses being an American to bully those who don’t sound, look, or believe like them.

Thai Thai Restaurant recently posted a photo on social media of a nasty-gram some jerk left at the beloved Lubbock eatery.

The handwritten napkin note reads: "If you’re going to live in AMERICA learn to speak ENGLISH! or, go back to where you came from!"

There are few things worse than a bully who doesn’t even have the nerve to take ownership of their actions because the note left nothing to identify the author. It’s no better than a keyboard bully hiding behind a computer screen in order to assault the emotional well-being of another human.

The writer clearly has no heart and needs to learn a lesson in true patriotism, which is to embrace the differences in cultures that make up the melting pot that is our country’s diverse population.

Thai Thai Restaurant is well-known in the Lubbock community and held in high regard -- not just because of the yummy grub, but because of the family behind the scenes making Lubbock a better place to live.

Shame on the a--hole that took the time to bully the employees at this treasured restaurant. Honestly, pity should be felt for this sad sack of a human, living in such a small-minded world. Instead, feelings of anger and disgust are felt by those of us who love the Thai Thai family owners, Radium and Ooan Rittiluechai.

I hope that our readers will support Thai Thai Restaurant with even more enthusiasm in an effort to demonstrate that this pathetic example of human garbage is not the norm, but rather the exception, in our community.

We love Thai Thai Restaurant and the Rittiluechai family. Bullies would do well to observe the response and how our community will rally around the people and places that make Lubbock the Hub City.

My hope is that anyone who would have the audacity to try a stunt like this will think twice before making an ass of themselves, because it simply will not be tolerated.

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