I was looking up some weird facts about Texas trying to find some good content fodder when I stumbled upon a list of the poorest towns and richest cities in Texas. I decided I'd compare both sides of the spectrum.

For starters, the poorest city in Texas is Prairie View. It's located in Waller County, which is on the far northwestern side of the Houston metropolitan area. According to the 2020 census, Prairie View has a little over 8,000 residents and 694 households with an average income of $24,805. Nearly 25 percent of the population lives below the poverty line in Prairie View.

If you check out the visitor section of Prairie View's website, it looks like they have a water park, various hotels, businesses, churches, restaurants, a public park, an elementary school, and a branch of Texas A&M University. They also look like they have big plans for the future, and a quote that says "We are a city at the point on the frontiers of change."

According to an article published in July of this year, Terrell Hills is the richest city in Texas. Located in Bexar County, Terrell Hills is roughly 5 miles away from downtown San Antonio, with a population of just over 5,000. The average household income is $79,295. That's an astounding $54,490 more dollars per year on average per home than Prairie View.

Glancing at the official Terrell Hills website, it's clear that the city is basically just a big suburban neighborhood full of rich people. The majority of people living there work in San Antonio and not in Terrell Hills.

I suppose I'll settle on staying put right here in Lubbock for now. We've got a pretty good mix of both sides of the coin. What about you?

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