You know all of those stories you hear about a guy coming up with that perfect, magical, super-elaborate way to propose to his girlfriend? Yeah...this isn't one of those stories.

In Indiana, a man's hot air balloon proposal goes horribly wrong after the balloon struck some power lines, knocking out the pilot and the bride-to-be.

The airborne proposition was heading for a happy end, as the balloon began to land at about 8 p.m. in Sellersburg, Indiana, just north of Louisville, Kentucky.

"When the basket touched the ground, the female said 'yes' to the engagement," said Major Chuck Adams with the Clark County, Indiana Sheriff's office.

But they had landed on a patch overgrown with tall grass, so the pilot and balloon owner, Dallas Beall, who owns a jewelry store in Louisville, boosted the balloon "and tried to land again, and that's when it hit the wires," Adams said.

The basket holding the passengers made contact with the power lines.

An electric shock knocked Beall out, who fell into the bride-to-be, giving her an electric jolt as well. The future groom gave Beall CPR, possibly reviving him.

Fortunately, both the pilot and the soon-to-be newlyweds did not receive any life-threatening injuries, just some burns. Still, if the proposal is this disastrous, I don't think this bodes well for the rest of the marriage...