If you travel Highway 380 to Newcastle, Texas on the way to Graham or Possum Kingdom Lake, then you may have seen the creepy house in Rule, Texas.

I have seen the house over the years on my way through Rule to Graham, Texas. During my stops at the town convenience store, I finally asked some of the townpeople about the house.

The popular answer was: "Oh, that's just Old Roy's." No explanation was given as to if Old Roy is actually a hoarder, if he has any kind of mental illness or if he lives alone. No one seems to be concerned that the property could be a health hazard with the amount of trash, junk and feral cats there.

But this house is definitely an attention-getter. The person who lives there has put various and many items up in the trees on the property, many of which are large, heavy items. How he did it remains a mystery.

Small towns usually have a town character. But in this case, it seems like the person who lives in this house has issues which could be defined as mental illness. But he doesn't harm anyone in the town or to the best of the town's knowledge himself.

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