Gun sales all over the country have been on the increase and one New Hampshire gun store is telling President Obama "thanks". The store in New Hampshire put up a poster with Obama's image and "Firearms Salesman of the Year" above it. According to CBS, that isn't the only poster that is up.

MERRIMACK, NH (CBS) – One of the posters in the front window of a New Hampshire gun shop depicts President Obama as “Firearms Salesman of the Year.” Below the president are two AK-47 rifles.

A second poster featuring the images of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong accompanies a statement that reads, “All Experts Agree, Gun Control Works.”

These types of signs have become more common since the gun control debate recently grabbed headlines around the country, but the signs in front of Collectible Arms & Ammo in Merrimack are still irritating to some residents.

Chuck Mower, who lives down the street from the shop, says the message is over the top and unnecessary.

“I can’t even imagine any president’s picture being portrayed on the front of a business with crossed assault weapons underneath it,” Mower said.

Store co-owner Keith Cox says the President Obama sign isn’t a joke. He credits the president for a boom in business.

It is a long running joke among some gun owners that Obama has been the salesperson of the year. And though some residents don't like the signs, I'm guessing the gun store's business is up.

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