Newly elected Governor Greg Abbott joined The Chad Hasty Show for the first time as Governor of Texas Thursday morning to talk fiscal matters, open carry legislation and other issues.

Governor Abbott discussed different ways to improve Texas, including building more roads, job creation, and securing the border. He also talked about ending the Emerging Technology Fund to allow millions of dollars to go to premier colleges such as Texas Tech System. This will allow universities to work more with the private sector, resulting in job growth for local communities, said Abbott.

Abbott also explained his stance to not approve any budget that does not include cuts for small businesses in the form of margins taxes.

Hasty and Abbott discussed pending legislation on open carry in Texas and the climate surrounding the issue.

Recent heated exchanges between some Second Amendment activists and representatives in the state capitol have drawn criticism from Abbott and others.

On Wednesday, Open Carry Tarrant County activist Kory Watkins posted what many believed to be a threatening video on Facebook that was directed at Texas lawmakers. Watkins took down his video and posted on Facebook that he did not mean to make it sound as though he was threatening physical violence against lawmakers.

The video comes just weeks after members of the House had panic buttons installed in their offices after a confrontation between a State Representative and members of Watkins' group.

Said Abbott:

It's easy to come to Austin and say 'listen, we have the Second Amendment in this country, and the Second Amendment says your right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.' And you can openly, honestly, with dignity make that argument, without making threats to others. And so, I'm just trying to advance to everyone here that we can make strong arguments that are winning arguments in ways that don't threaten others, that will turn out to be better for everyone.

Abbott told Hasty that he believed there is a "high probability" that open carry passes.

Listen to the entire interview with Governor Greg Abbott in the YouTube video player above to hear more of his comments on open carry and other legislative issues he views as priorities.

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