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Two days before the Texas Legislature is due back in Austin for the first special session of the Summer, Texas Governor Greg Abbott took steps that he believes would help improve ERCOT and the grid in Texas.

In a letter sent to the Public Utility Commission of Texas, Abbott called on the commission to take immediate steps that would improve the Electric Reliability Council of Texas and the grid.

The steps outlined by Governor Greg Abbott are in addition to the legislation passed by the Texas Legislature in the 87th Texas Legislative Session. According to KXAN in his letter, the Governor ordered the following of the Public Utility Commission of Texas:

  • Streamline incentives within ERCOT to encourage development and maintenance of adequate and “reliable” sources of power like natural gas, coal and nuclear
  • Hold “unreliable” generators financially responsible for outages (wind and solar power are listed as “unreliable”)
  • PUC should instruct ERCOT to establish a maintenance schedule for natural gas, coal, nuclear and other non-renewable electricity generators to ensure adequate, constant supply
  • PUC should order ERCOT to accelerate the development of projects that help increase connectivity

Trust surrounding ERCOT and the grid in Texas has been low ever since the winter storm in February. ERCOT was seen as mishandling the crisis and having a poor line of communication with the public. Trust really hasn't improved through the early Summer as there has already been two energy conservation days, including one in the Spring when it wasn't hot out.

In the Governor's full letter he writes that through clear communication and transparency, the PUC and ERCOT can regain the public's trust.

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