Whether you’ve just moved in, or whether you’re taking a little vacation, there’s plenty to see and do in a brand new city. But it can also be pretty overwhelming trying to get where you need to go. And I’m not just talking about traffic, either. Where are the best places to eat? Where’s the best shopping or the best places to catch a movie or a show? What are areas of town you should avoid? Here’s a couple of apps that can help you make the most of your next new-city adventure.

Wi-Fi Finder
As I’ve mentioned before, using wi-fi on your phone while you're out and about can save you some cash on your data plan. But if you don't want to spring that extra $15 for wi-fi access from your hotel room, Wi Fi Finder can help you out. The free app will help point you in the direction of the nearest open or paid wi fi hot spot. And who knows, in your search for wi fi access, you just might end up finding your new favorite cafe or bar in town.
Sure, there are plenty of apps out there for finding a good restaurant. (so many, in fact, that you shouldn’t be surprised if you see them on a future Geek Girl Report…) But how many of them look up restaurants by your favorite dish? This neat, and free, little app searches our your favorite dishes and which restaurant happens to serve up the best ones. Looking for a real, authentic Philly cheesesteak in Philly, or maybe a slice of the best pizza in town? Foodspotter is sure to satisfy your craving for whatever.
Wanna check out a good movie? I've got two recommendations for you: The World's End and The Wolverine. I've also got two recommendation for some move apps: Flixster and Fandango. Both are pretty solid movie apps, and both will let you watch trailers and show you the nearest theater and the showtimes for each movie. Fandango will allow you to purchase tickets directly on your phone and have them ready to go once you get there. However, Flixster's partnership with the popular review site Rotten Tomatoes offers the superior recommendations. Either way, both apps are helpful to have if you're a movie buff.
To check out some of the best places in town, FourSquare used to be the go-to app for social recommendations. But there's a new app out there, called Trippy, that takes it one step further. Instead of just giving you the recommendations from people who have checked in to a certain location, Trippy ties directly into your friends on Facebook to get their input and ideas on what to do in your new town. It's a pretty clever idea and a good way to get some trustworthy recommendations on the best places in town. After all, your friends will never steer you wrong (unless they're a bunch of jerks...)