I've already seen someone post that Buffalo Springs Lake is anti-1st Amendment because they want to regulate cursing. But get ready for a real shock.

In addition to recently entertaining a proposal that would ban foul language, Buffalo Springs Lake is apparently also against people exercising their 2nd Amendment rights, because you can't take your firearm in there either.

Check this out from the lake's list of ordinances:

Buffalo Springs Lake

Here's a more specific version from later in the document:

Buffalo Springs Lake

What in the fresh hell is that? I was really hoping to engage in some Hawkeye cosplay that they had to go ahead and ruin it with that anti-longbow message. Still, it seems to me that if I can carry a gun into a supermarket in Lubbock that I should be able to carry one into a lake.

We'll go one further. Apparently, you have to lease your dog while at the lake:

Buffalo Springs Lake

I don't know about you, but I refuse to lease a dog. I prefer to own one outright.

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What's crazy is that Buffalo Springs Lake is a highly conservative community, but I guess that only applies to residents. As for you outsiders, you give up your rights when you visit their watering hole. I still don't understand how these local yokels are allowed an independent board of directors. It seems to me this place should be regulated by Lubbock County or the state or someone who doesn't have a clear, vested financial interest in the area.

Here's the problem with all of this:

Buffalo Springs Lake "was developed to provide the residents of Lubbock County with a recreational area."

That's the story/mission statement of the lake, but the residents of Lubbock County are finding that the fees and rules are more about keeping people out than anything else. If anything, the homeowners should be at the mercy of the public, not the other way around.

As ridiculous as this all is, I'm glad people are finally seeing the inconsistent messaging about whether they are welcome at Buffalo Springs Lake or not.

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