Japan has more than its fair share of strange activities, but a new shop in Tokyo allows patrons to cuddle with their employees for a fee.

Soineya, which means “sleep together shop”, allows its customers to pay to sleep in the arms of a woman without any other intimate contact.

Japantoday.com outlines their menu, which charges $3,000 yen, or about $38, for a 20 minute cuddle. The list maxes out at a 10-hour marathon cuddling session for $50,000, about $636 in U.S. dollars.

For 1,000 yen extra, the customer can sleep for three minutes in the woman’s arms, have her pat the customer on the back for three minutes, or have the customer and woman stare at each other for three minutes, or get a foot massage from the employee. For 2,000 yen, the patron can massage the employee’s feet.

Japan Today has more information on Soineya here.