U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos has tossed out the latest version of Texas' Voter ID law despite the Department of Justice signing off on the changes. According to FOX News, Judge Ramos was the same judge who compared the originally Voter ID law to a "poll tax" on minorities.

While college IDs still aren't accepted as a Voter ID, the state did make changes to the law according to the Houston Chronicle.

But the changes would allow people who lack a required ID to cast a ballot if they signed an affidavit and brought paperwork that showed their name and address, such as a bank statement or utility bill. The new version was supported by the U.S. Justice Department, which once opposed the law but has reversed its position since President Donald Trump took office.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called the ruling "outrageous". Expect the State of Texas to appeal today's ruling.

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