It's painfully obvious to everyone in West Texas that it's hot. Mind-numbingly, feet-blisteringly, swamp-a$$ hot. Much hotter than usual, in fact, and we've become quite fond of our air conditioned existence.

And then...ERCOT happened.

According to a Twitter post from Dallas News reporter Phil Jankowski, ERCOT has issued an alert for Monday, July 11th, which states: "A projected reserve capacity shortage with no market solution available" between 2 and 8 p.m. Part of the company's reasoning is that there has not been enough wind to generate the power they need to satisfy demand. In layman's terms, that means they ain't got enough juice to keep the lights on and there's a possibility of rolling blackouts.

Boom Boom, Out Go The Lights.

All because we want to stay cool. It's your fault.

Unless people listen to ERCOT's plea and reduce usage during the hottest part of the day, the demand is expected to outpace supply this afternoon, which could cause ERCOT to shut off power temporarily in some places to ease strain on the system statewide. And I know exactly where they should start:


Austin. Houston. Odessa. Shut them off first. They suck anyway.

We didn't ask for ERCOT in Lubbock, but here we are at their mercy. So at the point in the day when it's expected to be around 104 degrees, your air, lights, fans and internet could be going away for a period of time. I guess they figure if the internet is out then we can't bitch about it online or read about their incompetence. Yet, we are.

I really don't care what the excuse is because there really is no excuse. If you can't keep up with demand, then you need to step aside and let someone who can keep the lights on be in charge for a while. Can we honestly say we didn't see this coming when LP&L signed on with ERCOT last year? Oh, wait. We actually DID.

Stay cool, campers.

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