Friday on The Chad Hasty Show, Texas House District 83 Representative Dustin Burrows joined the program broadcasting from Burrows' office in Austin to talk about current issues in the ongoing 85th Texas Legislature.

Hasty, while opening the show, said: "We are broadcasting today of course from the beautiful Sanctuary City of Austin Texas where, if you light up a cigar, oh no, the SWAT team will arrive, however, if you're a criminal illegal alien, you can run free all you want."

Beginning the discussion was the subject of federal overreach, and the recent letter to Washington D.C. upon which Burrows was a signatory.

"We decided that it was time for Washington D.C. to hear from the states, or at least some of us in the state, what we think is best for health care, which is, 'Give us back the power,'" Burrows said, describing the premise of the letter.

Burrows continued, saying:

If we look at these last elections, where people, forty five percent of the country wakes up depressed and feeling the world is falling apart, well maybe it's because D.C. has too much power. Maybe it's because the presidency has too much going on in it. And so my idea how we actually get back to all living together, if California wants to do their thing culturally, un-conservative, and bad economic policy, let them. But at the same time let Texas have as much control over it's destiny as possible. We welcome that opportunity, we welcome that responsibility, so myself and sixty four of my colleagues, members of the Texas Conservative Coalition sent a letter to the entire delegation including the President and said, 'Look, just repeal the thing being Obamacare. It's been a disaster, it's hurt Texas' budget, it's hurt our individual budgets. Let us have the power, and we'll chart our own course and destiny.

You can watch the first part of Hasty's interview with Representative Dustin Burrows in the video above, and the other part below.

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