The District 3 City Council runoff election between Deanne Clark and Jeff Griffith has proven to be one of the closest elections in recent times. Today on Lubbock's First News, Lubbock Election Administrator Dorothy Kennedy called in to our studio to fill us in on the details.

So far, Griffith leads Clark by a narrow six votes. However, Kennedy informed us that of 300 ballots mailed out, there are still 100 ballots to be sent back. These ballots could swing the election either way, but Kennedy was not able to inform us of the results on the 200 or so ballots that have been mailed in.

The provisional votes also need to be tallied. "Provisionals can be votes that were not registered in that district, not registered in Lubbock County at all, or they could have been photo I.D. So, If it's a photo I.D., they have six days after the election to come in and procure a photo I.D. If any of those meet that criteria, their ballot too is then locked away and the ballot Board Member views all of those on this Friday [the 27th], as well," Kennedy stated.

Only time will tell how the election turns out. Be sure to stay tuned to find out the results this Friday.

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