I found this a bit interesting and thought you might, too. Before you click through, what do you think the answer is? I would have guessed two of these, but the other two probably would have taken multiple guesses.

Steve Frost, Thinkstock
Steve Frost, Thinkstock

According to the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, the top four crops are: Corn, Cotton, Grain Sorghum and Peanuts. (I'm thinking this list was alphabetical to avoid stepping on toes).

We all know that cotton is king around here, and I also know about Sorghum, but it's been a minute since I've driven past a cornfield anywhere around here. I also guess that I wouldn't know a field of peanuts if I drove past it either.

I have a lot of respect for the farmers around here after spending a summer hoeing and "trompin" cotton. It's a lot of long, long days and nights, all which can be obliterated by one storm or a patch of inclement weather.

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