With the recent gay marriage debate heating up I have seen many on the pro-gay marriage side making claims like "hate is not a family value".

To equate a lack of approval with hate is dishonest at best, and it is a rather slippery slope. that exposes the true goal of the push.

The goal of the movement is not so much seeking 'equal rights' as it is seeking to make it illegal to not endorse the homosexual lifestyle.

To put disapproval and hate into stark contrast take this scenario: If your daughter decided she wanted to be a porn star and you do not approve. There is nothing illegal with her choice to have sex on screen, but you still do not approve. Just because you don't approve of the lifestyle your daughter has chosen does not mean you hate her.

Gay activists dishonestly equate the two to turn what is less a debate on rights and more a stick to bludgeon those that do not approve with the label of 'hate' to force them to either endorse or shut up and sit down.

The honest truth is that marriage has a specific definition and purpose, that's why incestual couples, even heterosexual ones, cannot marry, the purpose is healthy procreation.

Lets have the debate on honest grounds, we don't need the word "hate" to achieve the same eye-rolling, boogey man status that the overuse of the word "racism" has achieved.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below.

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