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There are many things the Texas government is involved with and even has set up different organizations to handle issues citizens may come across. Most of the time when citizens are needing help from the government it has to do with a disaster, crime, legislation, health, or schools. I could go on and on, but did you know that the State of Texas, through the Department of Family and Protective Services, will help give advice on parenting?

It's true, even Governor Greg Abbott retweeted about it on Wednesday with the tweet saying, "Raising kids is stressful and can be a fulltime job." Texas DFPS then went on to invite people to get parenting tips in order to help create "harmony" at home.

The website, GetParentingTips, has advice on caring for babies, toddlers, kids and of course tweens and teens and according to the website each article written is authored by experts. is a free resource for parents provided by the Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) division of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Articles on this website are authored by experts in a variety of fields as well as PEI staff. Staff articles are based on authoritative sources and the latest research available.

PEI manages programs across Texas that offer free, voluntary services to families. We don't provide services directly. Instead, we contract with local nonprofits, governments, and schools. We provide funding and resources that support local programs and the families they help.

So if you are ever needing a bit of help with that teenager at home, the State of Texas has resources and professionals to help!

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