Detroit doesn't have a lot going for it. People are leaving the city and not looking back. Unemployment is massive and poverty is way up. The latest "selling point" of Detroit was a commercial for Chrysler featuring Eminem. He tried to not only sell the car, but also the City of Detroit. Not sure many people bought in.

Still, Detroit could be saved by a statue. Of RoboCop.

Last week the Mayor of Detroit shot down suggestions that the city build a statue of RoboCop. Not surprised, most elected officials would probably say no to the building of a statue to something that isn't real. After being shot down, RoboCop fans started raising money and so far have raised more than $50,000 dollars.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Mayor is actually reconsidering his position and Detroit could erect the RoboCop statue.

As I said before, Detroit doesn't have much going for them. So why not build the statue? Apparently there are still a lot of fans of the movie and a re-make is on it's way. Though, part of me still thinks it's sad that Detroit has to resort to this. Building a statue like this seems like something a small town would do to get noticed. Detroit is home to muscle cars, or was. I guess they have reached that point where maybe only RoboCop can save them.