Going by the headline, this sounds like a positive story. And it is. But there's also a sad and unfortunate twist to it. And her family now needs the community's help.

We recently received this message from 13-year-old Destiny Kent's aunt on 102.5 Kiss FM sister station KFMX's Facebook page:

My niece Destiny Kent was a beautiful, amazing young lady. She would have been 13 next month. On Thursday April 28, she went in at UMC hospital in Lubbock, TX for a surgery to repair a hole in her skull that she was born with. She hemorrhaged, and ended up with extensive brain damage. After testing it was found that she had very little brain activity. She would never regain motor skills or breathe on her own again. As she was such a big hearted child, her parents Andrea Banda and Brandon Kent made the decision to donate her organs. This morning, she was taken off life support. We are trying desperately to get the word out and get as much help as we can to cover funeral costs and to help keep a roof over her sisters and brothers heads as their mother will be out of work while the family is grieving. I have attached the link for her gofundme if there is any way you can help with spreading her story or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.

Destiny's parents made the difficult decision to turn off their daughter's life support after learning from doctors that she had no brain function following complications during recent brain surgery for a chiari malformation.

The three recipients of Destiny's generous gift of life have already been chosen.

According to the family's GoFundMe page for Destiny: "She is going to save 3 lives. The 13yr old in Tennessee will be receiving her heart and kidney. A 55yr old in Houston will be receiving her liver and other kidney, and a 25 yr old in Houston is receiving her lungs. my grand daughter is now in peace, in heaven with her beloved great grandpa."

The family is currently needing $12,000 and they're currently at $6,270 as of this writing. Click this link to support this awesome young lady and her family.