This weekend my fiancee and I went to the Museum at Texas Tech to see an exhibit we had talked about seeing for a while. The exhibit is called Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race, and is produced by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. When the exhibit arrived in Lubbock it was something I wanted to go and see, but just forgot about it. I'm glad we went and didn't forget again.

The exhibit is very powerful and again shows the horrors of the Nazi regime. The exhibit deals with euginics and how the Nazi's wanted to create a healthy master race. This included murdering children and those with disabilities. Here is what Texas Tech says about the exhibit:

From 1933 to 1945, Nazi Germany’s government led by Adolf Hitler promoted a nationalism that combined territorial expansion with claims of biological superiority—an “Aryan master race”—and virulent antisemitism. Driven by a racist ideology legitimized by German scientists, the Nazis attempted to eliminate all of Europe’s Jews, ultimately killing six million in the Holocaust. Many others also became victims of persecution and murder in the Nazis’ campaign to cleanse German society of individuals viewed as threats to the “health” of the nation. Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race was produced by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

I highly recommend that everyone goes to this exhibit. Parents, I will warn you that some of the images are graphic so think about that before taking your kids. However, if your kids are old enough to grasp what the Holocaust was, I think you should take them. I would dedicate at least and hour and a half to spend in the exhibit. There is a lot of information and many videos. Deadly Medicine will be at the Museum of Texas Tech until August 7th. Make sure you make plans to go. It's free, so you really have no reason not to go.

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