District 5 Councilwoman Karen Gibson joined The Chad Hasty show on Tuesday to talk about the proposed smoking ban ordinance on the agenda at the next City Council meeting.

Gibson strongly believes that it is not the City of Lubbock's responsibility to decide how local owners must operate their businesses.

I just think it's very onerous on these businesses and it just goes into the City Council telling a business how to run their business. I've said that from day one, it's not our job to tell a business how to run their business.

The proposed ordinance includes many items that proponents had said that would not be at issue, such as patios, vehicles and possibly some home-based businesses. Smokeless tobacco products as well as non-tobacco products such as "e-cigarettes" are included as banned in the proposed ordinance.

As I read through this, I was just floored at everything they brought into it. The proposed ordinance will put many local merchants out of business. Not only are we putting them out of business, we're putting workers out of business. I just think it's a bad deal all the way around.

 Let these businesses decide, the market is what's going to decide it. There are businesses all over town that are non-smoking, good for them, but they got to choose it. It's not the Lubbock City Council telling them you have to do this, you have to run your business this way.

The City Council meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 23rd at 5:15pm. Citizens may, and are encouraged to attend and speak their mind on the proposed ordinance. More information may be found at the Lubbock City Council website. Registration is required to speak at the meeting. Registration may be completed in the lobby prior to the meeting.

When you show up, and you talk to us, we do listen.

Listen to the entire interview with Councilwoman Karen Gibson above.

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