Friday, after the extremely controversial vote by the FCC to regulate the Internet, still no details have been released about the 'Net Neutrality' rules that have been adopted.

The Washington Post reports in this article that Conservatives are wondering why the FCC has not released a full copy of the regulations that it's planning to impose on Internet service providers, and many suspect that a conspiracy is in the works.

The Washington Post says that the FCC will eventually post the new regulations on the agency's Web site, where the public will finally be able to read the specific rules.

The new regulations still need to proceed through more formal processes before they become the actual law of the land.

Read the entire Washington Post article here.

Republicans are threatening to use funding against the FCC, to express opposition to the secrecy and methods surrounding the passage of the new rules. More information on the Republican stance on the issue is available at the National Journal's article.

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