Every year, Coca-Cola always introduces some kind of new holiday marketing campaign. And a lot of them have been pretty memorable and have gone on to be holiday traditions, like the polar bears and Santa Claus. But this year? Not so much.

Last month, Coke introduced a new "snow white" can for the holidays. But, due to a huge consumer uproar, the company has decided to switch back to the classic red can with holiday designs. Coke said that the new campaign was part of a partnership with World Wildlife Fund to help bring awareness to the destruction of the habitats of polar bears. Complaints ranged from the new white cans being too easily confused with Diet Coke (Apparently, withe and silver are too close to the same color, not to mention the huge DIET written across the top of the Diet Coke cans) to the drink tasting differently. (yeah, right...)

Is anyone else here reminded of the "New Coke" fiasco back in the 80s? Even though all they changed was the can, Coke drinkers just don't take too kindly to changes to their beloved soda. It just goes to show you, when you have a good thing going, don't mess around with it.

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