As most of you know I am a HUGE supporter of the Lubbock Public Libraries. I think they provide an incredible resource for everyone in the community.

According to our news BFF's at Everything Lubbock, the city council is in the midst of budget talks and some on the city council think it is time to have the libraries budgets slashed.

Most patrons and librarians believe this is a bad idea.

From Everything Lubbock:

"We've been told by more than one person, the libraries are the best-kept secret,  I think it just needs to reiterate how many services that we offer to everyone. Such a wide range of interests, and it's not just catering to the reading needs, but so much more," said librarian Janet Henderson.

However, councilman Jeff Griffith feels otherwise:

"My concern is that our library usage is down over 20 percent as far as attendance, but our budget is not down," said city council member Jeff Griffith.

City librarians will make a presentation on September 13th with more meeting scheduled for October.

I say it all the time, go use your library, it is an incredible resource for you and your entire family!

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