The 12 days of Christmas will cost you more money this year! 

Every year we all marvel at the latest statistics which show what each item on the 12 Days of Christmas list and how much they would cost us today. According to the 31st annual PNC Wealth Management Christmas Price Index, the 2014 total price for those iconic Christmas gifts adds up to $116,273 -- a 1.4 percent increase over the 2014 pricing.

You would seriously need to win the lottery to afford this. The cost for each has remained relatively the same since last year. Per performance, it's gone up over $100 a pop.

Seriously, whoever is in the market for Maids-a-Milking or Lords-a-Leaping should get their head examined. A Partridge in a Pear Tree?  I'd rather have leather over the knee boots and a cute sweater, please. But it's fun to see how much inflation and the cost of living would set us back if we were setting out to buy our true love anything or everything on the list.

[via Yahoo]