Talk about running with a purpose! An Austin, Texas mother broke the women's world record for the epic Beer Mile.

Chris Kimbrough, the 44-year-old mom of six kids, must be uber-skilled at burping, because she ran the Beer Mile in six minutes, 28 seconds.

So, what exactly is the Beer Mile? Basically, a runner does one lap around a track, then chugs a cold one. Wash, rinse, repeat. Four laps, four beers, one mile -- and one heck of an urge to hurl!

Kimbrough admitted that running was the easy part and that, with more mastery of "getting the air out" (aka burping), she might be able to improve her time.

The Beer Mile started in Canada in 1989.

You can watch Kimbrough's epic run below.

[via Runnersworld]