If you are a big Chipotle fan, then you definitely know how delicious their chips and guac are. The chips are always so good, and the guac is always fresh and ridiculously yummy.

You probably relate to me when I say that I’ve tried recreating it before but have never been able to get it quite right. I swear I'd use all the ingredients I thought were in the guac, but it was never as creamy or perfectly balanced. Well, now that a Chipotle employee has gone viral showing exactly how they make it, I have the teensiest bit of hope that I can try making it again with more success.

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The video showing how Chipotle makes their guac was posted to TikTok by the user @thechipotleguy and has over three million views. The video starts with the avocados that have been scooped out of the skin in a large bowl. He then sprinkles on salt before mashing all of the avocados until smooth. The next part is what really matters, so it makes sense that we aren't given any exact measurements, but he adds a mix of onion, jalapeño, cilantro, and citrus juice. He then mixes it all together before portioning it out in the serving dishes.

He followed that video with a few more that answered questions people had about the process. In these follow-ups, he explains how many avocados they go through in a day, how long it takes to make, how they store the guac before serving it, and more.

After showing how they make the guacamole and answering everyone's questions, people then asked to see how the chips were made. Something about the lime and flakey salt makes those chips so good and everyone wants to know how they do it. Of course, we can’t know exactly how the chips are made, but he showed their process once they are out of the fryer, and it is really simple. They just take the hot chips, add salt, fresh lime, toss, and repeat.

Of course, it all looks so simple and easy to make, but I doubt I will ever be able to make it taste as good as they do. It definitely won't stop me from continuing to try and replicate their delicious chips and guac.

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