The internet has done a great job of exposing just how many ‘Karens’ are really out there. Some of them are fairly harmless, just complaining about silly things, but others take it way too far.

TikToker @notcaleyy posted a perfect example recently. The video shows a man standing behind the registers at a California Chick-fil-A location, as one of the employees is going off on him. The customer is obviously in the wrong, seeming to have jumped over the counter, and the work looks to be completely fed up.

It is hard to make out what is being said, but at least three workers seem to be yelling at the man, trying to get him back off. Instead of listening, he starts barking at the employees before posturing and pushing forward into the group of workers. He then yells at them to give him his food as they try to keep him from moving further towards them.

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Warning: NSFW Language

The video is then cut when what looks like security gestures for the group of customers watching the altercation to leave. It is unclear why the security was only focused on clearing out the customers watching rather than solving the obvious problem at hand. It is also unclear as to what happened after the video stopped.

It is disgusting to see people behave like this. I don’t know what lead to the man jumping over the counter, but whatever the reason, he shouldn’t have done that. However, I am proud of the worker for standing up for herself. People in the service industry deal with terrible customers far too often, and they should be able to stick up for themselves against these ‘Karens’.

There are far too many people out there that and to learn their manners and respect those around them. If you are interacting with a fast-food worker or someone else in the service industry, please show them some kindness, because they have to deal with people like this far too often.

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