Chicago Station Market Days

I'm a huge fan of markets in general. Farmers, craft fairs, food trucks -- you name it, I'm probably there.

I love the market atmosphere; it has many advantages over going to a regular store or ordering online. I get to meet the artisans who crafted or grew their product. I can ask for advice and recipes. I can sample, hold or taste something before I buy it.

And most importantly, I'm supporting my neighbors and my hometown. Money that stays in Lubbock is money that will come back around to me eventually.

Chicago Station Market Days is a brand new market concept in Lubbock, located at 130th & Chicago. I went to the very first market this last Saturday and was impressed with the quality of it. The event was well organized, easy to navigate and had quality products that appealed to me.

There were too many individual vendors to review each one here, but I will say that there was a really nice balance of food, treats, gift ideas, accessories and live plants. Between everyone in my group, we purchased items from nearly every vendor present.

The individual vendors did an excellent job of presenting their goods in attractive and easy to browse way. Some folks were outside in tents, and others were inside metal buildings which are under construction. I'm excited to see them all finished.

The market has has plenty to see and plenty of items to browse. However, it appears to have room to grow, which is exciting to me. The next market will be held Saturday, May 26th, and I do recommend you check it out. We had a great time around great people.

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