Friday on The Chad Hasty Show, Texas District 28 Senator Charles Perry joined the show to talk about current state, national and local topics.

Hasty and Perry began the interview talking about 'sanctuary cities, which led into a discussion about the Syrian refugees crisis, terrorism in the United States, and the state of Texas being forced by the federal government to take in Syrian refugees. Hasty and Perry discussed the subject of the refugees' legitimacy possibly being in question, and how those federal dollars will be spent toward determining their status. During the dialog, Perry said,

It's beyond me to understand why someone would not want to protect our citizens inside this border.

Perry continued on that subject, saying, "My A.G. [Attorney General] request was to determine if the state of Texas, if they're forced to take Syrian refugees in, could we use those dollars the Texas way, meaning, could we identify, contain, and determine through background checks, whether or not these are good or bad people that we're letting through the border and use those monies and resources the way we would deem them more appropriate. That A.G.'s opinion has not come back yet, it's still pending with the AG. So my approach was, as a practical matter, we will probably end up having to do it, and I think we've decided this week that we do. If we do, can we use our resources allocated to this initiative, to best determine that we know who they are, the background checks have been thoroughly vetted, and if we don't, do we have a process in which we can contain and hold until we do determine whether these individuals coming through are good or bad."

Hasty asked Perry whether or not he ever worries about a terrorist threat existing from possible ISIS infiltrators using the Syrian refugee program to gain access to the country. Perry responded,

Daily. And it's not cliche, I truly lose sleep, and go to bed over, and get up over, the idea that, we're going to allow someone into this country, specifically the most southern tip of this country, i.e. the Texas border, that will show up in a big venue, in a big setting, in the name of their faith, and injure Texas citizens. And it's reality we live in, and those who say it's not are naive, and not reading the days that we're in.


I personally live with the idea that that's probability, more than likely going to happen, that it's probably going to happen on my watch. And so if I have not done everything within my purview of preventing it, I will be saddened and sickened on a personal level. So that's, I do believe it's coming, it's unfortunate, the times that we're in, but we have allowed this through a federal system, and our federal attitude toward this, either to the weakening of our position in the world, the lack of acknowledgement about the evil we face, and the people that would seek to do us harm and tear us down, we've been naive to that for the last eight years, and we're bearing the fruits of that policy. And it's going to affect Texas, unfortunately somewhere down the road.

Hasty also asked Perry about his thoughts on the local controversy over the upcoming Lubbock City Council agenda regarding possibly banning the carry of weapons by licensed citizens during City Council meetings. Perry responded by talking about the undermining of state and federal law by local jurisdictions and saying, "If you take a right away from me as a citizen, and the Second Amendment right is pretty clearly established so that is something all citizens have, and if you do something to impede that, that the state has condoned through open carry, through campus carry, through CHL [Concealed Handgun License] process ... if you're in violation of any of that, or can be construed to be in violation of any of those laws, you will have state reaction to it."

Listen to the entire interview with Senator Charles Perry in the video box above.

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