Thursday on Lubbock's First News, Texas Tech University Chancellor Robert L. Duncan joined Tom Collins and Laura Mac for an interview in the KFYO studio. Duncan was accompanied by the Chancellor's Office Information Director Doug Hensley.

"I think I inherited a very good ship", said Duncan speaking about the current state of Texas Tech and the direction in which previous Chancellor Kent Hance and others former Chancellors have led the university.

Duncan was asked by Tom Collins about his thoughts on the "campus carry" law (taking effect August 2016), that recently passed the Texas legislature and was signed by Governor Greg Abbott. Explaining how the new law changes what is currently allowed, Duncan said, "In Texas, you can carry, if you have a concealed handgun license, you can carry a concealed handgun on a college campus, you just cannot take it into the buildings, or you cannot go into a NCAA athletic event. So to the extent that the law allows it, it already allows it on campuses today. The difference in this bill is that it allows it (licensed concealed weapons) to go into the buildings."

Duncan continued explaining different positions on the law, why he had previously voted (as a state legislator) against campus carry, and how the debate was framed by the state universities.

Duncan explained Texas Tech's careful planning that is underway to accommodate the new law, and talked about training opportunities for students and faculty that the university is considering .

Responding to Mac's concerns about accidental or self-inflicted shootings possibly being a threat in the high-stress campus environment, Duncan said,

Well that can occur today. I mean you have, we have guns on campus today. Duncan continued, I don't know though that that 's necessarily limited to the CHL (Concealed Hangun Licensed citizens), in fact that population is probably not the at risk population with regard to guns. It's the other population that is not taking the time to go through the background check, go through the training and things like that. So I worry more about that population than I do about the CHL population.

Listen to the entire interview with Chancellor Robert L. Duncan in the video box above.

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