Nightmare on 19th Street has a REALLY LARGE HUMAN who loves to play with his chainsaw. He is an absolute terror. This video shows one unlucky lady who caught his attention.

Keep reading and I'll tell you how to tame him.

So, the "Chainsaw Maniac" has been a part of Nightmare on 19th Street since year one. We love the big lug. The only problem is, sometimes he scares people so bad that they don't bother going into the haunted houses. He has no problem terrorizing people all the way out to their cars. We figure if you came to see us to get scared, we're going to deliver until you're gone.

So, how do you tame a big monster like this? It's pretty easy. Ask if you can take a picture with him. He loves to take pictures with our guests.

Above is a quick video of him in action. Unfortunately for the young lady in the video, the Chainsaw Maniac wasn't her only problem.

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