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Failed Leadership... Again.

Republican leadership is once again warning conservatives that if they stick up for their principles and morals, it will only bring harm to the party and the nation. On Wednesday I shared with you an article from POLITICO that quotes Senator John Cornyn and others on the topic of a fight over Planned Parenthood and a possible government shutdown.

Yet to be answered is how far Ted Cruz and other Republicans -- powered by conservative outrage over Planned Parenthood -- are willing to push Congress to the brink of a shutdown in order to defund the women’s health organization, despite resistance from Senate GOP leaders.

“I think there are other things we can do that will help us …continue to the investigations which are now in progress,” Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) said Tuesday. “I think we all know that we need to solve the problem, but we don’t need to shut down the government. That would be a mistake. That would set the pro-life cause back, in my view.”

How Senator Cornyn? How would fighting for life and fighting to prevent tax-payer money from funding abortion set the pro-life movement back? How exactly does it hurt the pro-life movement to have politicians actually fight to save lives?

Remember, Senator Cornyn has run numerous times as a pro-life conservative. Now a chance to really DO something instead of just talking about doing something has presented itself, he is backing away? (***Update below with comments from Cornyn's staff***)

Cornyn isn't the only one to be upset with. Look at the quote from Senator Susan Collins:

And the memories of the 2013 government shutdown over defunding Obamacare are still fresh in the minds of many Republicans.

“Many of us who were here in 2013 believe that the shutdown was a disaster for our country and have no desire to see that repeated,” Maine Sen. Susan Collins, a key Senate GOP moderate, said Tuesday. “There obviously are new members and quite a few new members who didn’t go through that learning experience but for those of us who did, I think it has an impact on how people approach the prospect of a shutdown.”

Are you kidding me? How was the shutdown in 2013 a disaster for our nation? It wasn't even a blip on the radar except for CNN and MSNBC. Oh and what did that so-called disaster lead to? A Republican Senate!

Two Senators, two pathetic excuses.

Echoing Senator Cornyn on Wednesday was House Speaker John Boehner according to POLITICO.

Speaker John Boehner warned his Republican colleagues Wednesday morning that shutting down the government over Planned Parenthood could damage the cause of lawmakers who oppose abortion, according to multiple sources in the closed party gathering.

The private House Republican Conference meeting Wednesday morning was mostly focused on the pending Iran vote, but Boehner (R-Ohio) began what will be a weeks-long quest to quell a growing uproar over the government funding of Planned Parenthood, after several videos released over the summer have allegedly depicted agents of the group discussing fetal tissue sales.

House GOP leadership is eager to avoid a government shutdown, and is actively working to craft a plan that would keep government open past Sept. 30. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) and Republican Conference Chairman Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-Wash.) are holding a series of meetings with lawmakers this week to begin to chart a course forward.

Pathetic. These Republicans who ran to defend life and to defend the tax payers are abandoning their pledge. While it's not the first time this has happened, in my opinion it is the worst time. Abandoning your principles and morals when innocent life is being destroyed? All because Republican leadership is worried about what CNN will say is awful.

It's also another example of why Republican voters are looking to outsiders to represent them. The lack of fight is why Donald Trump is surging in the polls and the establishment has just given voters another reason to jump ship.

If Republicans can't stand up for life, what will they stand up for?

***Update: Comments from Senator John Cornyn's office in response to today's Brief***

From Drew Brandewie, Communications Director for Senator John Cornyn:

I saw your post this morning. I know you disagree, but there a couple things I want to point out about why Sen. Cornyn disagrees with the strategy of shutting down the government to defund PP. First, he has a solidly pro-life record and doesn’t just campaign as pro-life: he has a 100% score from National Right to Life, 93% from Family Research Council,  and was endorsed by the two largest pro-life groups in Texas. Second, shutting down the government won’t stop most of PP’s funding since a large chunk it unfortunately comes from Medicaid.  


·         LifeNews: “But, even if Congress manages to shut down the government, a new study released by Congress finds a government shutdown wouldn’t greatly affect Planned Parenthood funding and be nothing more than an otiose pursuit.”

Finally, folks who have devoted their entire careers to fighting for life are not on board with this strategy (below). Sen. Cornyn feels a better way to advance the cause is to push for a widespread, thorough investigation into PP’s abortion practices and fight to pass a ban on abortions after 20 weeks. Again, I know you disagree with him on this but I wanted to at least share his side. He always likes coming on your show, and we always appreciate your willingness to work with us and hear us out. Thanks, and let me know if you want to discuss more. 

·         Politico: “Cruz’s strategy is even dividing social conservatives, who are trying to tap into discontent with Planned Parenthood to build support for a bill that would federally ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. While Heritage Action is strongly behind Cruz’s plan, the National Right to Life Coalition has thrown cold water on the strategy and Susan B. Anthony List has declined to explicitly bless it.”


·         AP: “Douglas Johnson, legislative director for the powerful National Right to Life Committee, said recently that while blocking Planned Parenthood's funds "makes sense," the Senate lacks the votes to do so and abortions would continue anyway. He said lawmakers should also focus on bills halting abortions.”

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