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Bush vs. Rubio?

According to POLITICO, while Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush played nice on Tuesday, both campaigns are preparing to battle each other.

During back-to-back morning show appearances Wednesday to tout his strong debate performance, Rubio addressed the report that Bush’s super PAC would be spending $20 million for an assault on his campaign.

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“Obviously if we’re attacked, we’re going to respond. But ultimately we can’t control other people’s campaigns if they decide that attacking us is the way forward, they have a right to make that decision,” Rubio said on “The Today Show.” “It’s wrong. It’s not going to change my campaign.”

On “CBS This Morning” Rubio said he wasn’t going to change his strategy moving forward.

“I admire him (Bush) greatly, I have tremendous respect and affection for him as a person. Unfortunately, over the last four weeks he has chosen to attack me but I’m not changing my strategy and reciprocate that,” Rubio said. “I’m not gonna change who I am or the campaign that I’m running."

But Rubio has reacted to the reported pricey attacks. On Tuesday his campaign released a video of clips of the former Florida governor praising Rubio — at one point even saying he’d make a good president.

It would be a bad move by Bush to attack Rubio. We have already seen reports that team Bush wants to attack Rubio on being too extreme on abortion. All that attack does is weaken Rubio against Hillary.

I'm starting to believe that Jeb Bush would rather see Hillary as the next President than Rubio.

Texas Vets for Medical Pot

On Veterans Day, several military veterans gathered in Austin to call for the legislature to pass medical marijuana according to the Houston Chronicle.

Several military veterans plan to gather Wednesday at the Texas State Capitol to launch a new campaign aimed at persuading lawmakers to legalize medical marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and similar conditions.

The year-long campaign, called Operation Trapped, will ask veterans who support legalization to submit an empty prescription drug bottle that will then be filled with a toy soldier and presented alongside others at an event on Veterans Day 2016.

"Medical marijuana is oftentimes more effective and typically much safer than most prescription drugs," said Clif Deuvall of Waco, a U.S. Air Force veteran who served in Vietnam, in an announcement of the campaign. "It can ease the symptoms of PTSD and TBI and relieve chronic pain associated with service-related injuries."

The campaign comes about five months after state lawmakers approved a narrow bill that would allow Texans suffering from seizures to access a marijuana extract containing cannabidiol. It was the first legislation in state history to lower penalties for a pot-related substance, but advocates decried it as inadequate and unworkable.

I don't see the legislature going along with this in 2017, but maybe in the future.