John Boehner waives the white flag and there are some good arguments out there that could point to Hillary not running in 2016. Here is your Morning Brief for December 3, 2014.

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Boehner Won't Fight

House Speaker John Boehner on Tuesday indicated that while Republican's haven't decided on a path to deal with President Obama's Executive Orders on Immigration, anything that would lead to a shutdown is basically out of the picture according to The Blaze.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) indicated on Tuesday that he’s not willing to risk a government shutdown in the GOP’s fight with Democrats over President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration, by saying Republicans have “limited options” when it comes to pushing back against Obama, and by and noting that Senate Democrats would likely reject an aggressive House bill.

In a meeting with Republicans Tuesday morning, he offered a plan that would do nothing to stop Obama’s immigration move, and instead called for passage of a non-binding resolution expressing the House’s opposition.

“Frankly, we have limited options and limited abilities to deal with it directly,” Boehner said after meeting with Republicans. “But that’s why we’re continuing to talk to members. We have not made decisions about how we’re going to proceed, but we are in fact going to proceed.”

Boehner also said he thinks Republicans understand that “it’s doing to be difficult to take meaningful action as long as we’ve got Democrat control in the Senate.”

One option that many conservative opponents of Obama’s immigration move want to see is language that prevents the government from spending money to implement Obama’s plans. They want that language attached to legislation that’s required to keep the government funded after Dec. 11.

While Senate Democrats would almost certainly reject those sorts of proposals, many Republicans have been hoping the House would at least test the waters by sending something over and forcing the Senate to object.

But there was no sign of that proposal today, and Boehner’s comments signaled that he is unwilling to employ a brinksmanship strategy that could lead to delays in funding the government. Boehner has said before that Republicans don’t want to shut the government down, and GOP leaders are known to be wary that they would be blamed for a shutdown.

Well at least Boehner is going to have the House vote on a non-binding resolution. That will show President Obama you are serious!

Will She Run?

Most people seem certain that Hillary Clinton will run for President, but the Washington Post took a look at 5 potential reasons why she may not run.

Today on The Fix, Chris and I are exploring opposite sides of the same argument: Whether Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016.

Chris is pretty sure she will. Longtime political analyst Charlie Co0k is considerably less certain, pegging it at 60-70 percent. Similarly, I tend to think we always overestimate how likely candidates are to run. It's a big decision, and lots of things need to happen to make it a "go." Even people who really want to run often decide not to, for varying reasons.

What might those reasons be for Clinton? Below are five conceivable hurdles. Let me qualify, though, that I still think it's much more likely she runs than not. But any one of these things could be a significant obstacle in her decision-making process.

1. The prospect of losing

It seems like we've already discussed Clinton's inevitability ad nauseam, but that inevitability really only applies to the Democratic primary. Her odds in the general election are headed toward being a 50/50 proposition -- and getting worse.

While Clinton's approval rating reached upwards of 60-65 percent as secretary of state, her favorable rating in the days since she stepped down has steadily fallen -- so much so that most recent polls show her under 50 percent (though still more positive than negative). That's pretty middling territory.

You can click on the link above to see the other reasons why Hillary Clinton may not run. They include her age/health and Benghazi. I believe she will run, though I'm not sure she will get the nomination.

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