This is a very different Chad Prather than the man who spoke on the viral video on Southern Drawl and in Lubbock, Texas recently.

Here is an angry (and justly so in my opinion) Chad, his Southern drawl stepped up a notch, with both guns blazing -- one for the big clowns, and one for little ones.

He definitely gets his point across. Well-put and a little shocking, but it's satire. So while I was initially concerned about showing this video on our site, the point is strong and the message steps up.

The irony is clear. It's what you wish you could say, but maybe are afraid to. Is it politically correct? Probably not. It's not inciting violence (we hope!), but it is sending a strong message.

To me, it's a shame that clowns have to take a hit. Can nothing be innocent anymore? As a kid, I enjoyed the true spirit of the clown and didn't dwell on the dark side of it. Now it seems the clown has lost his happy face and will have to rethink his costume due to some recent scares across the U.S. and even Texas.

It's a shame that this has happened, but after taking a moment to dwell on it, the bottom line is that this is happening and we need to keep our guard up.

I think maybe all the innocent clowns should choose a different costume for a while so that the bad clowns who want to hide behind the makeup are easier to spot.

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