Tuesday on The Chad Hasty Show, Chad talked about the issue of powdered alcohol that has been in the news recently.

Powdered alcohol has been a hot topic lately, as a Texas House committee voted unanimously to send the bill to the full House. The bill would make it illegal to possess or sell powdered alcohol in Texas.

The product is being marketed with the brand name "Palcohol", and has received final federal approval, but is still months away from being available on store shelves. The inventor of Palcohol, touts the product as a way to enjoy an alcoholic drink on the go. Opponents of the product say that powdered alcohol would be too easy for children to discreetly possess and use, and could possibly lead to alcohol abuse by minors.

Not a fan of the idea of powdered alcohol, but very tired of new legislation addressing issues that laws already govern, Hasty said,

So we've got to ban a product, that I guess is perfectly safe, according to the United States. It's perfectly safe, but because of the children, the precious snowflakes, we've got to ban it, U.S. adults can't have it. Are we kidding ourselves? Stop making laws just to protect... look, protect the children all you want, we have laws in place.

Listen to Chad's thoughts on the subject in the video box above. More information on Powdered alcohol is available at the manufacturer's website. Information on legislation in the Texas House is available here.

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