We've all seen the studies come out that say cell phones cause cancer. Then about 3 months later, another study comes out saying they don't cause cancer. After about 3 more months yet another study comes out that says the results are up in the air and scientists really don't know what they are talking about.

This study isn't about cancer, but instead it's about the high number of bee deaths and cell phones. According to scientists, cell phone transmissions might be responsible for the mysterious drop in the bee population. This from FOX News:

Dr. Daniel Favre, a former biologist with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, carefully placed a mobile phone underneath a beehive and then monitored the reaction of the workers.

According to a story in The Daily Mail, the bees were able to tell when the handsets were making and receiving calls. They responded by making the high pitched squeaks that usually signal the start of swarming.

"This study shows that the presence of an active mobile phone disturbs bees -- and has a dramatic effect," Favre told the Daily Mail.

Favre believes this to be evidence of something other scientists have suggested: Signals from mobile phones are contributing to the decline of honeybees. Favre thinks more research could help confirm the link between cell signals and "colony collapse disorder" -- the sudden disappearance of entire colonies over winter -- which has halved the bee population, according to some estimates.

Of course, some have said farming and other reasons are responsible for the number of bee deaths so we will see which is correct.

What do you think?

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